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A little boy named Kayden got into a heated discussion with his parents. At the ripe age of 18 months, Kayden claimed he was tired of being forced to finish his vegetables before he could have dessert. After several minutes of arguing, Kayden was sent straight to bed. Without dessert.

After tossing and turning for a while, Kayden stuck his head out of his room to see if the coast was clear. He decided it was safe to crawl out. He stumbled through the house, to the extra bedroom, where he knew his father was storing boxes of chocolate for his new business venture.

Kayden lifted himself up by the handle, and opened the door. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen! There was more chocolate than he could have imagined! He wasted no time diving in. Bite after bite, Kayden felt further from all the gross vegetable his mom tried to make him eat. It wasn't until the hall light came on that he realized how much noise he'd been making.

Kayden's eyes darted around the room, but there was nowhere to hide. His parents looked shocked as they entered the room to find a chocolate covered Kayden, staring innocently up at them. He was sure he'd have to eat a plate full of brussel sprouts as punishment...but he was wrong.

His dad picked him up, and to Kayden's surprise, he was laughing! Kayden listened as his father told him about the candy shop he was opening, and how he thought Kayden would be the perfect man to head up the business! It felt like a dream come true! His mother looked at him, with a proud smile, and lovingly told him how happy she was for him...but he still had to eat his vegetables.

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